Dressing rooms, Luggage storage, Toilets

Dressing rooms

Tents will be set up next to the start / end area. The facilities will be open before and after the race.

Luggage storage

In the starting package, you will receive a sticker for your luggage which if you leave it will have to be in a visible place from the bag / backpack and you will leave them in the place designated for storage. The organizers are not responsible for any expensive items, phones, jewelry and other items if they are lost.


Portable toilets will be installed near the start / end of the race.

Refreshing stations

There will be refreshment stations, located about 2 km along the trail. They will offer iso-drinks, water, fruit, to help you run. On the final surface there will be an additional station with fruit, hot drinks and small biscuits.

The timing

All participants in the race will receive a starting number with a CHIP in the starting package, which they will have to carry in a conspicuous place, time is measured through the CHIP and it is not possible to shorten the race because the measuring stations will be placed along the race.

Ranking and age groups

The ranking is individual for the 5km and 10km races for men and women.