On 25.05.2018. The application of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection has started in Europe. (Regulation (EC) 2016/679).


GDPR enables European Union (EC) citizens to better control the use of their personal data.


At the Poetry Run in Struga, the anonymity of our registered participants, the protection of personal data and their confidentiality are our priority and we follow all national and European requirements and regulations for personal data protection.


Below you can read important aspects of what information and personal data we collect and how we manage it, how it is used and with whom it is shared.



As with most websites, you can visit our site without disclosing your identity or other personal information.


• We collect only information and personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data"), which will be provided voluntarily when you register for the Poetry Race, by filling out our registration form, the information we are requesting consists of: Name and Surname, year of birth, City, Country, Telephone, Email, gender, running race. </b >


We are obliged to inform you that the Poetry Race collects, processes and stores only personal data, necessary for the conduct of the competition, as follows:


- Name and surname - required to identify participants in the distance classification.

- Year of birth - necessary to divide the participants into age groups after the races.

- City - required for statistical analysis of participants in the Poetry Run.

- Country - required for statistical analysis of participants in the Poetry Run.

- Phone - necessary for feedback from the participant in case of irregularities in the registration process.

- E-mail – is required during the registration of each participant, as verification for the same and obtaining information about the whole event.

- Gender - required to separate the participants in the ranking - women / men.



We hear them all taxes, be; until you submit a written request for erasure. You can request partial or complete deletion of your taxes at any time. We will fulfill these requests without delay.



You can get information about saved taxes at any time through a written request.



We don't provide the taxes , we only hear the taxes for ourselves. Exclusively, we do not sell, assign or exchange your taxes unless such disclosure is prescribed by law or explicitly described below.



We care about the security of your data and use all technical and organizational storage options in a way that is not accessible to anyone other than us. All data is stored in a server, which meets a high standard of security and is protected from unauthorized access.


DATE OF Storage of personal data

Given the interests and needs of the participants in the Poetry Race, personal data is stored for indefinitely or until a written request for deletion from the ranking at different distances is submitted.



Poetry Run does not collect, process or store any other personal information, including subjective and sensitive (ethnicity, religion, education, sexual orientation, political or other affiliation), which are not required to fulfill our processes and publish the final results achieved by the participants in the Poetry Race.