Deadline for registration

The registration deadline is until 23.59.59 on April 30, 2023. After that, you will only be able to register late at the racing office during EXPO on 18, 19 and 20 May 2023.

* There will be no registration on the day of the race!

What is the minimum age for participation?

The participants in the main race of 10 km must be older than 16 years, the participants in the recreational race of 5 km can be older than 13 years, while in the children's race the participants must not be older than 13 years.

How to register for the Poetry Run?

Apply online (Mandatory registration) on the race website, or if you are unable to pay online you can contact for detailed information.

Do I need a medical certificate?

Medical certificate is not required, you are responsible for your psycho-physical and health condition.

Where do I see my registration, if I am already registered?

Here you can find the complete Poetry Run homepage for all races.

Registration confirmation

The registration confirmation will be sent to you after the completion of your payment via e-mail. You need to take the hard copy with you or show your e-mail to get your start number.

Change your data

If you would like to change your registration information, just email us at, until the registration deadline. For any questions, call us: +389 77 736 553 / Working days from 09:00 to 15:00 ... or contact us by e-mail or on the official social media pages of our race.

During EXPO it is not possible to change your personal data, if you need to do so by the deadline for registration.

Giving up the Poetry Run.

It is not possible to cancel the race. If you can not run the race, for any reason, we can not refund your funds.

When and where can I get the starter package for the race?

The starter package can be picked up at Camping Scout. Google maps Location

Can I take the race kit on race day?


Can I pick up the start pack for another competitor?

To pick up another contestant's starter package, you must show his / her registration confirmation.

Where is the start of the race?

The beginning of all races is on the bazaar bridge! Please be on time early to avoid stress, tension or rush. There is enough space on the left and right side for spectators at the start.

Is the race certified?

Yes, the race has a national certificate from the Athletic Federation of Macedonia.

What is the race track?

The track of the race is almost totally flat, with most of it running along Lake Ohrid, the track is mostly on an asphalt road and a small part is paved along the Black Drim.

Are animals allowed on the track?

You are not allowed to run the race with your home pats or animals

What can I do if my result is missing or incorrect?

Please call us at +389 77 736 553 or contact by email -

Refreshing drinks

There will be refreshing stations on the race every 2.5 km. We will publish more information about it evenly on our social pages.

Final refresh

After the race you will be brought to the refreshment area where you will be refreshed with fruit, hot drinks, iso drinks and water.


Toilets will be placed in the area of the starting and finishing zone.

Company of the race

It is not allowed to have any company on a bicycle or other means of transport on the track. If someone accompanies you, you will be disqualified.

Medical assistance

Please start the race only if you are in good health. If you need medical help while running, run or go to the next medical station. In the final area, the Red Cross will provide medical care.

Music while running

We will take care of the music on the track. We recommend that you do not use music devices where they will distract you. This is about your safety, and every accident is your responsibility.

Will I get a medal?

Yes, all participants who successfully complete it will receive a medal after the race (except for the children's race)